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2011/04/13 esperanzafe

I went to the doctor today. The two broken teeth I have up front have been hurting me a lot. There was also a sore on my scalp that was oozing a bit. It didn’t hurt too much to start out, just stung a bit. Then last night the glands on the side of my neck and head got all swollen and were hurting a lot. Today when I woke up they were worse and my scalp hurt, jaw hurt, pretty much my entire left side from the neck up were just terrible. It was pretty bad. So M brought me into town to see the doctor. Turns out I have a tooth infection (which I figured) and a staph infection in my scalp (this was a surprise). Apparently, the gland that was the most swollen on the back of my head is specific to the scalp region. I’m on quite a strong dosage of antibiotics now and a pain killer so if this gets rambly or doesn’t make sense, that’s the reason. I’m glad I went because I noticed the start of other sores in different areas of my scalp. They don’t hurt but neither did the first sore at first.

After the doctor and pharmacy we stopped by my mom’s house. We were talking and such while my brother and his wife were outside, talking with some of his friends. My sister and sister in law decided to go to the park. Later, we got a text from my sister asking that someone come pick them up. Apparently, my brother was there and was being mean. I went to pick up my sister and my sister in law, but SIL wouldn’t get in the car. So we left. My brother was calling SIL derogatory names and telling her to leave him the “F” alone. Later my SIL told me that my brother had been trying to go and get drugs. She wouldn’t leave him alone because she knew he was going off to do something stupid. I told SIL next time he tries to she could tell him that she’ll contact his probation officer. I’m not sure it would work but it might make him think twice. He told mom SHE was the one being “immature” and he couldn’t talk to someone being such a “bitch”. I wish he’d treat her better because I’m pretty sure she’s the only one who would ever put up with his drama. He’s a drug addict, manipulative, mean spirited person. He’s been doing so much better but like SIL said, “It only takes ONE time to mess everything up.” I pray that he finds the strength to stay clean and on this path of doing so much better for himself.  SIL told me that my brother was talking to her and my mom, and saying that he and SIL have a much better relationship than M and I. SIL asked him, “How do you figure?!”. I told SIL that it wasn’t a competition, and that every relationship has it’s ups and downs, they all take work. I thought about it though and I really do believe that our relationship is stronger than theirs. Maybe that makes me prideful but I can’t help it. SIL and Brother break up all the time, cheat on each other, get into physical and verbal abusive fights, etc. How can I not feel that M and I are better suited for each other?

M and I have been watching Heroes. I love this show.

I’m getting pretty sleepy though and not feeling that great. I think I’ll go lie down now and enjoy some time with my husband. 🙂


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